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Massimiliano Marretta

Sorry for my bad english.

On 08/22/10 13:03, [hidden email] wrote:
> Hello Massimiliano,
> Thanks for reworking the patch with Git. I have a couple of comments,
> though. First, does the support needs to be part of the same
> patch as the version bump ? In other words, shouldn't this be split in
> several smaller patches (one to bump the versions, one to add
> support) ?
Yes the two changes are independent. I try to explain.

My needs is to use Qt in environment with phonon gstreamer backend.
For this purpose is necessary to enable support in gstreamer.
With the old gstreamer version, phonon have some problem to retrieve
time information from mp3 files.
The gstreamer upgrade resolve this problem.
Now I recreate the separate patch.

> It would be good to add a little bit more details in the commit log:
> what does the support brings, and what mp3 issue is being fixed
> by the version bump ?
> Other comments below.

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