Kernel freezes after loading with qemu

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Kernel freezes after loading with qemu


I just started to play around with buildroot. I managed to compile a kernel with the option "initial RAM linked into linux kernel" and "(tty1) Port to run a getty on" and I could load it with qemu and it worked. I could login and wander around in the ram filesystem.

As second step I wanted to create a bootable disk image with my custom kernel and filesystem. I disenabled the option "initial RAM linked into linux kernel", enabled that I get an ext2 filesystem image and marked the option "install kernel image to /boot in target".
I also configured the kernel and marked the option "second extended file system".

I build no packages, except for nano and grub as boot loader ...

then I
 - created a disk image of 32 mb with dd
 - made a primary partition on it with fdisk
 - made an ext2 filesystem on it with mkfs
 - copied the contend of my rootfs.ext2 into the filesystem
 - installed Grub that uses the boot files that were genereted by buildroot

Then I booted my recently created kernel by the command "qemu -hda hdd.img". I could chose my kernel in the boot menu and then it started to load the kernel.

It allways freezes after the line
"swapper/0 (1) used greatest stack depth: 5740 bytes left"

Some other strange thing is the message
"Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83."
that appears right after the info that the system will boot now.

I just want a bootable disk image with linux kernel and a minimal filesystem on a primary partition.

Were is the error in my method?
What other method would you recommend to get such an bootable disk image?

Thaaaank you veeery much!!!